Ways to Make a Large Neighborhood Friendly

Creating a community feeling in a large neighborhood can be challenging but certainly not impossible!  Once a few of these suggestions are put in to place you may be surprised at how easy it is to get to know your neighbors in a large subdivision.

There are many obvious benefits for neighbors knowing one another.  Other benefits include business connections, job opportunities and other recommendations. 

In addition to the suggestions below, always include email blasts and newsletters when possible.  And remember, your property values can increase or at least be maintained,  as a result of these efforts.

Host a picnic

Thank neighborhood volunteers by hosting a party in their honor

Give new neighbors a welcome basket

Have a neighborhood 4th of July parade

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Unique Small Store Offers Premium Tobacco

Dunhill Early Morning Pipe Tobacco, 1990's Murray

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The Tobacco Zone on Kirby Parkway is unique and prides itself with the freshest blend of cigarettes, cigars and tobacco to be found in all of the Memphis, TN area.  Best of all, their competitive prices are guaranteed to keep your wallet happy!

The Tobacco Zone provides a wide variety of tobacco related products that are designed to satisfy every taste.

Reasons to visit the Tobacco Zone:

In addition to the large inventory of tobacco related products, they also carry Specialty Smoking Products

  • Hookah pipes are a way of smoking tobacco that has been cooled by water before being inhaled. This large water pipe originally came from India, but is particularly associated with the Middle East, especially Iran and Turkey. Its popularity with smokers of legal substances has grown over the years as it also offers the opportunity to be shared socially.

Other names Hookahs are referred to include: the narghile, hubble bubble pipe, or shisha being quite common. The pipes come in many different shapes and sizes, some with ornate decorations that make them attractive as ornamental, as well as practical, pieces.

Using a Hookah Pipe

At the base of the pipe is a glass vase that is filled with water, and a down stem is submerged. At the top of the pipe, tobacco is heated then smoke is produced and is sucked through a hose down the stem into the water in the vase at the bottom. The smoke then rises above the water and into the opening of the hose port, then reaching the mouth of the smoker.  Another real benefit to using a Hookah pipe is no need for ashtrays.

  • Premium Cigars are characterized by superiority in taste, aroma, preparation and overall appearance.  Only the most experienced torcedores are trusted with the process of creating a premium cigar to justify its price and reputation.  These experts know how to make the cigar burn smoothly at just the right rate of speed.

Premium cigars are made exclusively from full-sized leaves that run the entire length of the cigar.  Great attention to carefully picking and handling these leaves is a must.  They must be aged and stored impeccably intact.  Aging is the most important part of the premium cigar process because it needs time to develop and cure.

 The Tobacco Zone is conveniently located at 2857 Kirby Road, Memphis -(901) 748-5031.

** Federal Law regulates the use of tobacco products, and sets the age at 18 years old.

** How to quit smoking links CDC –  How to Quit Smoking

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What is a Wellness Clinic?

injections [616]

Image by brianjmatis via Flickr

Wellness First Inc.What costs companies more money than just about anything else?  If you think it is workplace injuries, health care costs and long-term disability then you are correct!  And, wellness clinics are beneficial for individuals as well.

The goal of wellness facilities is to achieve optimal overall wellness. Whether you suffer from a debilitating disease such as cancer or are plagued with chronic pain or stress issues, these medical centers offer a variety of services to enhance quality of life.


From traditionally trained physicians to a diverse pool of therapists and alternative  professionals, wellness clinics can help you overcome just about any health obstacle with an integrated multi-discipline approach.


Wellness First was established in 1995 by one woman with one goal in mind, deliver comprehensive wellness care in a safe, compassionate atmosphere.  This company provides personalized care in a walk-in setting with such services as:

  • Immunizations,
  • Drug and alcohol testing,
  • DNA/Paternity testing,
  • B-12 shots,
  • Lipo B Shots

It also works along side large companies providing health and wellness programs as well as blood draws and health profiles that help save time and money.  In addition, we are determined to give back to the community offering classes in CPR, first aid training and health fairs.   Wellness first is much more than The Shot Center

Wellness First, Inc. offers:

    * OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) compliant walk-in facility
* Mobile services in 480 zip codes
* GIS (General Information Services) background check, the most extensive, annually audited background check system in the world
* Emergency services available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week
* Turnaround time is less than 3 days
AND, to serve you better…
* We can alter all our services to fit your schedule and objectives.

Wellness First Inc is conveniently located at 2725 Kirby Rd, Memphis, TN  38119.

Tel.  (901)753-8148
Fax  (901)759-1184
EMAIL contact@wellnessfirstinc.com
WEB    www.wellnessfirstinc.com

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What Everybody Ought to Know about Belle Beauty Supply

Did you know there are more beauty supply stores in Memphis than there are hardware stores?  In the yellow pages alone, there are 232 beauty supply store listings in the Memphis area.

 I have to say I was surprised at the number and this does not include department stores and pharmacies.  So what makes one store any different from another?

I asked a friend of mine to browse through the store so that she could give a female opinion of shopping at Belle Beauty Supply.  Here is what she said:  “I was very surprised to find such a large assortment of makeup, costume jewelry, trendy shoes and OPI nail polish.  My daughters like to try new makeup and they spent a lot of time looking at all of the items before deciding on what to buy.  We will definitely be back because they have such a wide selection and the jewelry is absolutely worth stopping in for.  I plan on telling my friends and neighbors about Belle Beauty Supply!”

Other items at Belle include hair pieces , straighteners, leggings, sunglasses, solid tee’s, and much more.

Belle Beauty Supply is locally owned and operated by a dedicated couple who have worked hard to establish themselves.  

2809 Kirby Pkwy, Memphis, TN 38119

(901) 755-0046

Click here for directions:  Belle Beauty Supply DIrections

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Who Else Wants a Great Haircut?

While there are so many men’s hairstyles to choose from, it’s understandable that many men prefer a short hairstyle or haircut that is easy to take care of and doesn’t require much work. This easy-to-wear preference is likely the reason that short haircuts, like crew cuts and other styles, are among the most popular haircuts men wear.

Even these short hairstyles for men require an experienced stylist. And most men really are particular about the hair cut they prefer.

I went to LaRue’s HairCutters and was extremely pleased with my hair cut this week. They top my list for these reasons:”

  • I got a great hair cut!
  • Centrally located in East Memphis!
  • Professional and friendly staff!
  • I didn’t have to wait a long time!

LaRue’s Haircutters has been in business for 18 years under the same ownership. The staff is experienced, reliable and up to date on the latest trends. The stylists at LaRue are independent and have their own private space.   Most of the stylists have been working together for many years.

LaRue’s Haircutters is a  full service salon and offers a variety of services for both men and women.

  • Women’s Haircutting
  • Men’s Haircutting
  • All color services
  • Keratin Complex Protein Treatment
  • Perms
  • Relaxers
  • Waxing
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures

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Ready Neighborhoods Emergency Preparedness Summit

Flag of Memphis, Tennessee. Image created by u...

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Dear Neighborhood Leader:


October 8, 2011 —Free to the Public

In support of the municipal Mayors of Shelby County’s declaration of 2011 as a “Year of Prepared-ness,” The City of Memphis’ Neighborhood Relations office, ReadyShelby and the Assisi Foundation have partnered to spread the important message of emergency preparedness. The dedication of neighborhood organizations that answered the call to get ready for emergencies in 2011 will be recognized during The Ready Neighborhoods Emergency Preparedness Summit on

Saturday, October 8, 2011 from 8:00 a.m. until 1:45 p.m. at the Holiday Inn — University of Memphis. Free to the public, the event will include workshops, information and prizes that will enhance the efforts of individuals who are engaged, dedicated and determined to better their communities.

We are still asking neighborhoods to participate in a friendly competition— which is a way to win valua-ble emergency preparedness prizes, which will be awarded during the Summit. Due to previous technical problems, some neighborhood competition registration forms have not been entered into our database.

Therefore, we are requesting all neighborhoods—even those who previously registered— to please take time to simply register and complete these five important steps to give your neighbor-hood a chance to win the competition:

Create a family communication plan—where to meet, who to call, who’s picking up the kids, etc.

Determine your safe place at home, work, church, etc.

Pack an emergency kit and first-aid kit.

Learn compression-only CPR.

Participate in a free Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training.

To a crowd of nearly 200 neighborhood leaders, Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. clearly summed up the “Ready Neighborhoods” initiative in his opening remarks during our November 2010 kick-off, saying…

“We never, never, never know when a disaster might strike. And we can’t have a ready city without ready neighborhoods. Often the first responders are not our medical and city emergency teams—it’s you, the next-door neighbor who’s on the scene within minutes, ready to help.”

Please complete and return the Summit registration form along with the Ready Neighborhoods compeition registration form by e-mail, USPS mail or fax to :

Neighborhood Relations ●


315 S. Hollywood Street, Memphis, TN 38104



Best regards,

Lashea West

Neighborhood Relations Manager

City of Memphis

Neighborhood Relations 315 S. Hollywood Street Memphis, TN 38104 901-636-6592 lashea.west@memphistn.gov

To register online, follow this link: Ready Neighborhoods Emergency Preparedness Summit


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Tips for Having a Neighborhood Picnic

Picnic as the Owls Saw It  ©

Image by Edith OSB via Flickr

Fall is a great time to have an annual neighborhood picnic.  The hot summer months have passed and cooler weather is on its way.  Many folks are gearing up to cheer on their favorite football team while others consider their next camping trip.  Fall brings many neighbors outdoors for a variety of reasons.

A picnic in the fall is an easy option to reconnect or meet new neighbors while enjoying the fall weather.  Organizing a picnic is really easy.  Here are some suggestions to follow:

  • Decide on a date, time and place –  A cove can be a wonderful gathering spot.  Just check with neighbors who live on the cove first.  A close by park or church works well too and with enough notice usually is easy to reserve.
  • Choose the menu – potlucks are perfect for this occasion.  Some people prefer to have the entrée catered or cooked during the picnic such as BBQ, Burgers or chicken.   Everyone else brings desserts and sides!
  • Entertainment – Rent a moon bounce for the kids, have talented neighbors perform songs or just have some background music by way of a boom box.
  • Door prizes – Contact local grocery stores and restaurants to participate.  This is a win win for everyone.  Also have neighbors donate services from their own businesses.  Great ideas for marketing in your own neighborhood.
  • Cost – Keep it down as much as possible.
  • Getting the word out – This is the most important and one of the hardest parts of having a picnic.  Email everyone you can announcing all the details.  Post signs the week before.  Post the event on your neighborhood website and Facebook page if you have one.

Invite a few folks from your  local Fire Department and Police Department.  You might be surprised to see them stop by.  Last, post information in the event of bad weather such as a rain date or how to know if the picnic is cancelled.

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Citizens’ Involvement Determines Destiny of Neighborhoods

Townhouses in Chelsea; much of this Manhattan ...
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Neighborhoods are critical to the social, economic, and political foundation of a city.  Citizens are a crucial component in making neighborhoods more enjoyable, livable and satisfying  because they are all stakeholders in the well-being of their respective communities.

Neighborhood associations, although voluntary, are vital to a community.  Neighborhood  associations may be organized at any time with the support of the residents and stakeholders of the association’s geographic area.

Collectively, citizens ultimately bear ownership of the role of ensuring that they live in vital, healthy and safe neighborhoods. Residents taking an active role in bearing the responsibility of enhancing and sustaining livability in  their neighborhoods ensure that the quality of life they expect is realized.

Involvement cannot be understated.  The involvement can be lending a hand to keep liter off the streets or holding a political office.  Neither of which is more important.  Ultimately, the important piece here is to get involved on any level.

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Officers Visit Neighbors On Special Night

National Night Out was August 2, 2011 and all across America people joined in this special occasion.

This event is about meeting the police officers who patrol your neighborhood and taking a stand against crime by coming outside, turning your porch lights on and meeting the officers who patrol your neighborhood.
Actually meeting the officers face to face takes on a completely different meaning and brings a personal touch to any neighborhood.  Many people want an opportunity to say thanks to the officers and this is the perfect platform.
Next year, make sure to call your local police precinct and speak to the neighborhood watchcoordinator.  This person will assist you with taking your information so that the officers can come by and meet you and your neighbors.


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Partnering With Security Benefits Community

Security One

Security Patrol

Since the 1990’s Kirby Gate Business Center has been in partnership with Security One, Inc. to provide 24 hour security coverage for all businesses located on all of their campuses.

In that time we have seen the size and scope of businesses and security services grow dramatically.  The costs of the security services provided are spread between all of the tenants based on the size and footprint of each business.  There are a wide range of security services provided in this program, and all have been adapted to address the needs of each individual  business.

The dedicated security patrol will patrol each of the centers in a slow and continuous manner with alternating routes, so as not to establish a routine or pattern.  The patrol unit is marked with Security One logo and emergency lighting.  The unit will patrol with its emergency lights operating for maximum visibility.  The patrol will assist with traffic congestion, aid stranded motorists and provide any assistance that is requested.

Security One, Inc. has been in business since 1973 and employs over 600 Officers across 5 states.

Since Security One employs many retired police officers, they have the expertise to provide one-on-one security analysis to each individual business.

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